Add Friends In TriviaSpar!

Add Friends In TriviaSpar!

Battle against other top players as well as invite and add close friends and relatives in TriviaSpar!

Enhance your experience in TriviaSpar by adding friends to duel against with our upcoming updates soon to be announced!


How do I add friends in TriviaSpar?

Adding friends in TriviaSpar is as simple as playing a quickmatch! To invite friends head to the main menu and navigate to the friends tab. As a first time user you will be provided a referral code to send to your friends that will grant you 5 KNW Tokens per referral!

You may also add friends by accessing my friends on the main menu bar which will list all of the friends you make and allows you to search their usernames. Clicking on the green or white plus sign sends over a friend request to that user and gives them an option to accept or deny that request. If you would like to friend an opponent that has a ranking on the leaderboard you may also find players under the rank leaderboard on the main menu.

What features are coming to friending in the future?

TriviaSpar will be adding functionality in an upcoming update to view a friend’s profile and challenge them to a live duel! Viewing a friends profile will include their historical achievements earned, their level, and game performance. Make sure to keep an eye out for these new and exciting features.


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