Knowledge Spars This Week –  June 24th – 30th

Knowledge Spars This Week –  June 24th – 30th

Get ready to compete in Spars about cryptocurrency, characters, cars and more to win gift cards! Compete in Live Play at the times next to the spars topic for the day to win gift card credits!


Classic, Character, and Candy- Spars Monday, June 24th

Live Play 9 AM EST- Piano

Live Play 2 PM EST- Sonic the Hedgehog

Live Play 8 PM EST- Starbursts


Start Monday with piano facts that give you the chance to win big rewards! Later answer questions about Sonic the Hedgehog and his world, followed by Starburst fruit-flavored candy trivia.


Honda, Catfish, and Google- Spars Tuesday, June 25th

Live Play 9 AM EST- Honda

Live Play 2 PM EST- Catfish Day

Live Play 8 PM EST- Larry Page


Test your knowledge about the the car brand Honda and catfish to celebrate national catfish day! At 8 PM EST, try to win the Spar and be one step closer to becoming a billionaire like the topic of the spar, co-creator of Google, Larry Page.


Crypto, Donkey Kong, and Rock- Spars Wednesday, June 26th

Live Play 9 AM EST- Litcoin

Live Play 2 PM EST- Donkey Kong

Live Play 8 PM EST- Eric Clapton


Show what you know about cryptocurrency Bitcoin to win TriviaSpar’s cryptocurrency KNW. Then prove what you may have learned through years of video games with questions about popular character Donkey Kong. Learn and answer questions about musician Eric Clapton and his rock and roll journey.


Billionaire, Vegetable, and Ford  – Spars Thursday, June 27th

Live Play 9 AM EST-  Ma Huateng

Live Play 2 PM EST- Onions

Live Play 8 PM EST- Ford


Test your knowledge on quick, small, and colorful hummingbirds. Prove you can answer questions quickly about the actor Keanu Reeves, and about the toy brand Lego.


Game, Dance, and Engineer – Spars Friday, June 28th

Live Play 9 AM EST-  Game: Tetris

Live Play 2 PM EST- Movie: Dirty Dancing

Live Play 8 PM EST-  Elon Musk


Answer questions about the famous arcade game Tetris, and popular movie Dirty Dancing to spice things up. Later test what you know about billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Good luck!


Tigers, Sport, and Kanye – Saturday, June 29th

Live Play 9 AM EST-  Tigers

Live Play 2 PM EST-  Beach Volleyball

Live Play 8 AM EST-  Kanye West


See what you know about Tigers to win $ at 9 AM EST and KNW, Gems and Gold for the rest of the tournament. Also, test your knowledge on Beach Volleyball for the summer season, and rapper Kanye West. Good luck winning!


Crypto, Car, and Creator  – Sunday, June 30th

Live Play 9 AM EST-  Cryptocurrency: Tether

Live Play 2 PM EST- Nissan

Live Play 8 PM EST- Drake


Win cryptocurrency and more by knowing facts about cryptocurrency brand Tether. Answer trivia about car brand Nissan, and prove you know about the rapper Drake to show your automotive and music knowledge.

Make sure you try to play during Live Play to win MONEY at no cost to you! If you miss Live Play don’t worry you can still play to win KNW, Gems, and Gold!


Good luck this week, and get ready to start next week with more fun! Comment below trivia topics that you want to play.

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