International Gift Cards Added to TriviaSpar!

International Gift Cards Added to TriviaSpar!

New international gift cards have been added to TriviaSpar! TriviaMasters can now redeem Amazon & Google Play digital gift cards in UK Pound, Euro, Indian Rupee, or Australian Dollar.

International gift cards do not require any shipping costs to redeem as they are delivered digitally upon redemption.


How do I redeem gift card rewards in TriviaSpar?

In the main menu click the tab called “redeem rewards”: here TriviaSpar players will find the prize redemption menu for both KNW and gift card credits.


Redeem Menu – TriviaSpar


At the top of the menu players will see their gift card credit balance, and their KNW Token balance which can be used towards redemption of KNW and gift card products. By clicking the gift cards or KNW buttons users can toggle between the gift card and KNW rewards products.


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