PVP Season 1 – Now Live!

PVP Season 1 – Now Live!

PVP Season 1 is now live for all Trivia Masters playing on Android and ioS devices!

Each PVP Season will end on the 14th of every month. PVP Season 1 will run from May 16th – June 14th. At the conclusion of the season, Season 1 rewards will be available to the top-25 players in each of the 20 categories listed.


How do I get ranked during the season?

While a PVP Season is currently active, all TriviaSpar play will be automatically ranked on the leaderboard. Quick Matches, Knowledge Clashes and Knowledge Spars will all be ranked for every Trivia Master that completes a trivia game. Each trivia match is associated to one of the top-20 categories in TriviaSpar, which means players can rank for multiple categories during a single season with no limit on how many categories a player can rank for.


How to collect rewards at the conclusion of PvP Season 1?

Like all rewards in TriviaSpar, rank rewards will be distributed to all ranked players who made the top-25 cutoff directly to their loot inventory menu.


TriviaSpar Quicklinks

Download TriviaSpar: https://triviaspar.com/download/

Create a Knowledge Account: https://account.knowledge.io/sign-up/get-started

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