Player History- Track Your Game Performance

Player History- Track Your Game Performance

Track your results for Knowledge Clashes, Knowledge Spars and Quick Matches with the History tab in TriviaSpar. The feature gives you the opportunity to track your place while playing, and after the match closes.

After you play any type of game you will be able to view the Leaderboard, where you can compare your knowledge and speed to other competitors. When the game is still live you can see your potential KNW, Gem, and Gold earning from where you place on the leaderboard.

When the game is closed you will see your final place in the tournament on the leaderboard, what you earned and be able to view the results tab. Within the results tab, you can see the questions asked, the answer you choose and the correct answers. Use the results tab to gain more knowledge about the topics, and the final leaderboard to see your competition in TriviaSpar.

Find and click on the History icon on the upper right-hand corner of each type of game play screen.

Or click Menu icon and click “History” from there.

Once you click on the History icon you can see 3 tabs for Clash, Spar, and Quick Match. Select which type of match you want to see the results or leaderboard. Then select the specific match and see the leaderboard or results of that game. After viewing one game leaderboard or results click the blue x under the Spar tab on the screen to continue to see your competition and earnings.


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