Live Play vs. Open Play: How it Works & Rewards

Live Play vs. Open Play: How it Works & Rewards

Join Trivia Spar with NEW game modes: Live Play and Open Play. Live play will be available for both Clashes and Spars with the opportunity to win money and transfer the earning directly into e-gift cards! Get money with NO COST TO YOU!

Clashes will give out a total of $13 to the top competitors of the match, and the first place trivia player will win $4! There are 3 opportunities to play Spars in Live Mode every day. Each Spar will give away $5 total and the first place winning $2!

To have a chance to win money you must play during the Live Play time of the tournament. You will see a timer in the Clash or Spar before Live Play begins to know when you have the opportunity to win money.

Tournaments will be on lock-down 1 minute before Live Play starts. So, you have to click on JOIN NOW before the tournament starts. Then enter the lobby to chat with other competitors and be a good sport or claim you’re going to win.


Live play schedule will be:

Spar 1: 9 AM EST

Spar 2: 2 PM EST

Spar 3: 8 PM EST


Clashes Live Play will be at 12 PM EST Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sunday

You can check our calendar in the app, “Spars This Week” Blog, or see the tournament before the start time so you can study and win more prizes!

After Live Play, your score from the match will be on the leaderboard while the game is in Open Play so you can win KNW, Gems, and Gold too!

Don’t worry if you missed the Live Play time because you can still play the tournament in Open Play until it closes and win KNW, Gems, and Gold. Good Luck and be on time for Live Play to win money!


*Cash out into gift cards when you earn at least $15.

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