Energy Potions – Gain An Edge

Energy Potions – Gain An Edge

In TriviaSpar, energy is the resource consumed when abilities are activated in a trivia game. Abilities, which are purchased with gems are the strategic edge Trivia Masters can use to dominate matches, categories and leaderboards!

Each type of ability uses a different amount of energy depending on how much it impacts the game. Give yourself a step up above your competitors by purchasing abilities, equipping up to 3 them on tournament pages, and be able to use each 1 time per tournament as long as you have enough energy.


How to Purchase Energy Potions In-Game:

Select the TriviaSpar Shop to be able to purchase Energy Potions.

Find on the home screen by clicking on the “store” button, , or in the menu bar then clicking on “buy energy”, .


In the TriviaSpar Shop, there are  3 Energy Potions Options:

  1. Energy Potions x3 (TriviaSpar) for $0.99
  2. Energy Potions x8 (TriviaSpar) for $1.99
  3. Energy Potions x20 (TriviaSpar) for $4.99


After you have purchased your energy the menus “Buy Energy” will change to “Refill Energy (#)” when you have potions purchased. Each Energy Potion equals 100 energy.


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