TriviaSpar Update 3.0.6 – Player History & More!

TriviaSpar Update 3.0.6 – Player History & More!

TriviaSpar update 3.0.6 is now live for all Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon AppStore players. Update 3.0.6 brings a number of gameplay updates including game and UI load times, and player histories! TriviaSpar players will now be able to track all their past, and upcoming trivia performances.

Download the new version using one of the links below, or by visiting your app store.

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Player History – Track your trivia performance!

TriviaSpar players can now track their full personal performance in the player history tab! All past performances and any new match results will be tracked in the player history tab for all players who update to version 3.0.6.  Player history is an exciting new feature that will extend beyond personal history into the global leaderboards.

Player History Menu

Next Up: Season 1, Global Leaderboards

Season 1 of TriviaSpar’s global leaderboards is upcoming in the next pre 3.1 update. An extension of the player history, the global leaderboard will track a players performance across all trivia match types during each season. Players who rank on the leaderboards for the (16) macro-categories in TriviaSpar will win a range of resource and item rewards! Each season will last 30 days with new rewards each season.

New Daily Quests Guide: Collect More Resources

Three daily quests are available on a 24 hour timer resetting at 7pm PST time daily. Each daily quest will have a unique objective and it’s own completion reward. Daily quests reward gems, gold coins and KNW Tokens daily.

Players who login daily and complete their available quests will greatly increase their resource collection.

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