TriviaSpar Reaches 150,000+ Downloads on Google Play!

With the release of TriviaSpar update 3.0, The TriviaSpar team is proud to update the community with 2019 audience growth statistics.

To date, TriviaSpar has been downloaded over 150,000 times on the Google Play Store, with over 1.8 million questions answered in trivia matches! From October 2018 to February 2019, Triviaspar has moved up 800 ranks in the Google Play Store’s trivia category to the top 50.

In addition to the continuous growth in new downloads, TriviaSpar has mantained an outstanding rating within Google Play (4.1/5) and the Apple App Store (4.5/5).

With the growth in player base there has also been an enormous growth in trivia play in all match type categories. Quick matches have seen over 20,000 unique trivia matches opened and completed by players, with thousands of participants weekly in Knowledge Clashes and Knowledge Spars.

The new features including resources, spar abilities, items and quests we expect to continue to expand on player engagement in-app. To learn more about all the mechanics being introduced in update 3.0, please visit our guide:

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