TriviaSpar KNW Token Rebalance

TriviaSpar KNW Token Rebalance

During the transition to version 3.0, our team noticed a minor in-app reporting error regarding KNW Token balances. As of yesterday, March 18th, we have credited all affected accounts with their corrected KNW amounts. Users can update their apps to see corrected token balances in both TriviaSpar and their Knowledge Account.

Update 3.0 has brought a number of exciting new features to TriviaSpar. From new resources like gold and gems, to spar abilities that help trivia masters crush their competition, TriviaSpar became more dynamic across the board.

KNW Tokens are the heart of the rewards system for engaging with TriviaSpar. By contributing their knowledge to TriviaSpar, users are rewarded with KNW Tokens.

KNW Tokens are earned through engaging in all trivia game types, and rewarded video ads. To learn more about earning KNW Tokens in TriviaSpar, please visit our recent guide:


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