Test Your Knowledge, Earn KNW Tokens in TriviaSpar

Test Your Knowledge, Earn KNW Tokens in TriviaSpar

TriviaSpar is the only blockchain integrated trivia app that rewards players with cryptocurrency for their knowledge. Integrated with the Knowledge Cortex Blockchain, TriviaSpar records all answers on the blockchain, and rewards users for their knowledge with KNW Tokens.

Since integration in Q4 of 2018, Cortex has recorded over 640,000 transactions on the blockchain.

All trivia matches reward KNW Tokens as a completion reward and as a win reward for ranking in that particular game. Rewarded ads in the loot inventory menu in the home screen can be watched repeatedly for a KNW Token reward per each view.

What are the trivia game types I can play in TriviaSpar to earn KNW Tokens for my Knowledge?

TriviaSpar consists of (3) trivia quiz game types: Knowledge Clash, Knowledge Spars, and Quick Matches. All of the trivia game types available in TriviaSpar reward both a KNW Token completion reward, and a KNW Token rank reward.

KNW completion rewards are static for all game types and display in those match menus.

Quick Match – KNW Token Completion & Win Rewards

KNW Token rewards for winning range by different game types with Knowledge Clashes rewarding the most KNW Tokens. Knowledge Clashes reward the most KNW Tokens for placing in the top-10%, with Knowledge Spars rewarding the second most amount of KNW for top-10% in those tournaments as well. Quick Matches list KNW Token rewards in their game menus and depend on the amount of players in that particular trivia match.

How do I collect my KNW Token rewards from Trivia Matches Played?

When matches are played, quests or achievements are completed loot boxes will populate in the loot rewards menu. By clicking the “collect” button, a loot popup will appear and your KNW Token balance will be updated!

Loot Rewards Menu – Collect KNW Tokens

From Engagement in TriviaSpar

How can I watch Rewarded Video Ads and earn KNW Tokens?

In the same Loot Rewards menu mentioned above, there will always be a big green button with a prompt to “Watch and ad and get a lootbox!”. By clicking this button a rewarded video ad will load, after viewing the ad refresh your loot rewards and a loot box will appear with that KNW Token reward.

Loot Rewards Menu – Watch Rewarded

Video Ads for KNW

There is no limit to how many times a user wants to watch a rewarded video ad to earn KNW Tokens.

What can I use my KNW Tokens for?

The Knowledge Marketplace! Products are restocked on a regular basis in the Knowledge Marketplace, both in the TriviaSpar app and in the Knowledge Account. KNW Token balances are synced between both TriviaSpar and the Knowledge Account realtime, as well as the products available.

KnowledgeMarketplace in TriviaSpar

Products listed in the KnowledgeMarketplace range between 20 – 150 KNW Tokens per item making actualizing rewards in TriviaSpar more accessible than ever! Products purchased in TriviaSpar ship to the United States, international shipping is in the near future! Check our social media pages for updates.

When will I be able to Withdraw or Deposit KNW Tokens won in TriviaSpar to my Ethereum Wallet?

Soon! This is the next development item on our schedule. We will have more information in the upcoming weeks. Full Withdraw / Deposit functionality is in processing for the Knowledge Account. This will allow all TriviaSpar players the capability to deposit or withdraw KNW earned from TriviaSpar at their convenience.

TriviaSpar QuickLinks

Download TriviaSpar: https://triviaspar.com/download/

Create a Knowledge account: https://account.knowledge.io/sign-up/get-started

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