Daily Quests Guide: Earn More KNW, Gems & Gold!

Daily Quests Guide: Earn More KNW, Gems & Gold!

Three daily quests are available on a 24 hour timer resetting at 12pm PST time daily. Each daily quest will have a unique objective and it’s own completion reward. Daily quests reward gems, gold coins and KNW Tokens daily.

Players who login daily and complete their available quests will greatly increase their resource collection.

Read our resource guide to learn more about how to spend KNW Tokens, gems & gold: https://triviaspar.com/2019/02/update-3-0-earn-gems-gold-and-energy-to-buy-abilities-items/

Daily Quests Reset At 12pm US PST

New daily quests are published daily at the same time with old quests no longer being active. Daily quests can be completed once per day, per each quest. Progress of quest completion is displayed via the stars listed under each quest type. When all the stars light up yellow in a daily quest, the listed reward will then be available for collection in your loot inventory.

Completed Quest – TriviaSpar

Daily quests that are complete will display with all their stars lit up. When the quest has been completed, the reward can be collected and no further progress will count towards that quest for that day.

Daily Quests Reward KNW Tokens, Gems & Gold!

Only (3) unique quests will be available per 24 hour time period. Each quest will always have a unique game objective and a completion reward listed. Rewarded resources can be used to purchase products from the Marketplace using KNW Tokens, spar abilities can be purchased with gems, and gold can purchase items for even more resource boosts!

Collect Daily Quest Rewards In Loot Inventory

When daily quests are completed, visit the Loot Inventory menu to collect those rewards.

Daily Quest Reward – Loot Inventory

Daily quest loot will appear with a star as it’s reward icon, and “daily quest” as it’s reward label. Click the “Collect” button and claim your rewards!

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