Update 3.0 Launching February 18th

The TriviaSpar team is proud to announce update 3.0 will launch Monday, February 18th at 12:00pm US EST.

Update 3.0 is launching with a new set of resources, abilities, items, achievements, and quests! When TriviaSpar launches on Monday the app update will be available in your Google Play or Apple App stores. Test your knowledge, earn rewards!

TriviaSpar Update 3.0 Preview Guide:

Get to know all the mechanics and resources updates coming in 3.0. From daily quests, to gold coins, update 3.0 packs a ton of new content into TriviaSpar.

To learn more about all the new features coming in 3.0, check out the preview guide:

TriviaSpar Update 3.0 Preview – New Mechanics, Resources, Quests & More!

Spar Abilities: Gain An Edge

One of the most exciting new features of update 3.0 is the introduction of spar abilities in the game.

TriviaSpar players can collect each ability using gems earned from playing trivia games. Unlike single-use items like boosters and potions, abilities will only have to be purchased once to be equipped and used in-game.

Learn more about upcoming abilities:

Spar Abilities: Strategically Gain An Edge In Update 3.0

TriviaSpar QuickLinks

Download TriviaSpar: https://triviaspar.com/download/

Create a Knowledge Account: https://account.knowledge.io/sign-up/get-started

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TriviaSpar/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/triviaspar

Telegram: https://t.me/Triviaspar

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