TriviaSpar Update 3.0 Preview – New Mechanics, Resources, Quests & More!

With TriviaSpar update 3.0 comes a whole set of new in-game mechanics, achievements, quests and resources.  Never before has TriviaSpar had such a comprehensive update with so many new features.

New resources include energy, gold, and gems. Each new resource is tied to a new in-game mechanic. Resources can be obtained from playing trivia matches, completing daily quests, or achievements!


New Resources: Earn Gems & Gold to buy abilities and items!



Gold Coins and Gems upon Update 3.0 launch will be the resources needed to purchase Spar Abilities, and single-use items.

KNW Tokens will remain the resource used to purchase products from the Knowledge Marketplace.

Gems, and gold coins will be obtained via pre-existing trivia games, including Knowledge Clashes, KnowledgeSpars and Quick Matches. New mechanics like daily quests, and achievements will additionally reward gold and gems at different rates and amounts.


Gold Coins

Used for:

  • Purchasing Experience Boosters
  • Purchasing Gem Potions

Obtained by:

  • Playing KnowledgeClash
  • Playing KnowledgeScore
  • Playing QuickMatches
  • Completing Daily Quests
  • Completing Achievements


Used for:

  • Purchasing abilities
  • Purchasing level up abilities
  • Purchasing gold inscription contract

Obtained by:

  • Playing KnowledgeClash
  • Playing KnowledgeScore
  • Playing QuickMatches
  • Completing Daily Quests
  • Completing Achievements


Used for:

  • Using abilities requires an energy cost listed per ability.

Obtained by:

  • Energy Refills Available For In-App Purchase
  • Consumed energy fully recharges in 6 hours after depletion.


Spar Abilities: Strategically Gain An Edge

One of the most exciting features to be launching in TriviaSpar Update 3.0 are Spar Abilities. (3) Spar Abilities will be available at launch with multiple upgrade levels for each individual ability to maximize their potential.

Spar Abilities will cost a specific amount of gems per each level, and only have to be purchased once. Once purchased abilities are then available to be equipped and utilized in any open trivia match including Knowledge Clashes, Knowledge Spars and Quick Matches.

Use of abilities will cost a specified amount of energy per usage, and each individual ability can be used once per game. Once energy is fully depleted, players can purchase energy refill potions in the store or wait for their energy to recharge in 3 hours after depletion.


Ability 1 – Time Relativity

Gem Cost: 175 Gems (level 1), 275 Gems (level 2), 325 Gems (level 3), 375 Gems (level 4)

Game Mechanic:

Level 1 – Gain 2 seconds for one question per round

Level 2 – Gain 3 seconds for one question

Level 3 – Gain 4 seconds for two questions

Level 4 – Gains 5 seconds for every question


Ability 2 – Second Chance

Gem Cost: 275 Gems (level 1), 325 Gems (level 2), 375 Gems (level 3), 425 Gems (level 4)

Game Mechanic:

Level 1 – Get a second chance on the first question answered wrong

Level 2 – Get a third chance on one question they answered wrong

Level 3 – Get a second chance on two questions answered wrong

Level 4 – Get a second chance on every question answered wrong


Ability 3 – Answer Elimination

Gem Cost: 525 Gems (level 1), 975 Gems (level 2)

Game Mechanic:

Level 1 – One wrong answer is removed from one question

Level 2 – Two wrong answers are removed from one question


Daily Quests: Accelerate growth with daily quests

Three daily quests will be available on a 24 hour timer resetting at 12pm PST time daily. Each daily quest will have a unique objective and it’s own resource reward. Daily quests will reward gems, gold coins and knw tokens daily.

Players who login daily and complete their available quests will greatly increase their resource collection.


Single-Use Items – Accelerate Resource Collection And Account Growth



Single-use items are being introduced in Update 3.0 to supplement account and resource growth, while providing an avenue for continued energy usage via abilities. Players seeking to maximize on experience, and resource rewards can utilize single-use items to generate more from their victories in TriviaSpar.


Experience Booster

Game Mechanic: Gain 50% more experience for your next 10 games.

Resource Cost: 2250 Gold Coins


Gold Inscription Contract

Game Mechanic: Collect 50% more gold for your next 10 games.

Resource Cost: 300 Gems


Energy Potions

Game Mechanic: Refills Energy bar to 100% per potion.

Resource Cost: $.99 x3 Energy Potions, $1.99 x8 Energy Potions, $4.99 x20 Energy Potions


Gem Potions

Game Mechanic: Collect 50% more gems from your next 10 games.

Resource Cost: 4500 Gold Coins


Achievements Going Live: Collect Rewards For Completing Content  

With the addition of all the new mechanics in Update 3.0, Achievements will serve to help players keep track of historical progress of their play and collect additional rewards for meeting certain TriviaSpar milestones.

Some examples of new achievements would include: 10 Quick Matches played, 25 Abilities Used, or 5 Knowledge Clashes Won. Each achievement will have a unique reward amount based upon the difficulty of the particular objective.

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