Spar Abilities: Strategically Gain An Edge In Update 3.0

In TriviaSpar update 3.0, spar abilities will be introduced into the game mechanics with multiple upgrade levels per each ability.

Each ability will cost an individual amount of gems per each upgrade level. Unlike single-use items like boosters and potions, abilities will only have to be purchased once to be equipped and used in-game.

Abilities that have been purchased can be equipped by clicking the abilities menu, which is displayed in the menus as a book icon. Only (3) unique abilities can be equipped at a time, and 1 booster item in the top equip bar menu. Use of abilities in a game will cost a specific amount of energy per usage, energy cost is distinguished in the abilities menu per ability.


Ability 1 – Time Relativity

Gem Cost: 175 Gems (level 1), 275 Gems (level 2), 325 Gems (level 3), 375 Gems (level 4)

Game Mechanics:

Level 1 – Gain 2 seconds for one question per round

Level 2 – Gain 3 seconds for one question

Level 3 – Gain 4 seconds for two questions

Level 4 – Gains 5 seconds for every question


Ability 2 – Answer Elimination

Gem Cost: 525 Gems (level 1), 975 Gems (level 2)

Game Mechanics:

Level 1 – One wrong answer is removed from one question

Level 2 – Two wrong answers are removed from one question


Using Abilities: Associated Energy Cost

Use of abilities will cost a specified amount of energy per usage, and each individual ability can be used once per game. Once energy is fully depleted, players can purchase energy refill potions in the store or wait for their energy to recharge in 6 hours after depletion.


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