Famous Painting KnowledgeClash: Jan. 26th – Jan. 28th

Famous Painting KnowledgeClash: Jan. 26th – Jan. 28th

Test what you know about three famous painters in TriviaSpar’s newest KnowledgeClash: Famous Paintings. In this KnowledgeClash you will be tested on Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Claude Monet paintings.

The Dutch Post-Impressionist, Renaissance artist and French Impressionist are known for many great works that decorate the walls of the world’s finest museum’s and private collections. Each has become famous for their skills and styles which continue to inspire artists to this day.

In this clash each question you will have to know the name of each painting you see a picture of. Know the name of the painting the quickest to win the maximum amount of KNW. Good luck!

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