Electrons KnowledgeClash: Jan. 17th – Jan. 19th

Show what you know about one of the smallest units of the atom in TriviaSpar’s new KnowledgeClash: Electrons! Some of you may have to brush up on what you learned in high school physics to win this clash.

This clash has three rounds about electron’s scientific research history, definitions, and applications. From when electrons were discovered to what type of charge electrons have and more! Answer the most questions correct the fastest to win KNW from a round or the whole tournament! Good luck!


About the electron

The most basic definition of an electron is that it is a subatomic particle that has an electric charge that is negative one elementary charge. While much is still being researched and discovered regarding the nature of electrons, it is widely believed to be an elementary particle due to it having no known component or structure that composes it.

Notably being significantly smaller than the nuclear structures of an atom like protons and neutrons, electrons measure at just 1/1836th of a proton. Electrons are one of the smallest yet most intriguing subatomic particles known in the universe.


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