KnowledgeClash Preview: Nov. 5th-7th

KnowledgeClash Preview: Nov. 5th-7th

5-Round KnowledgeClash: Environmental Biomes

Live in TriviaSpar is a 5-round Environmental Biome KnowledgeClash! Trivia rounds will include questions about 5 of the major environmental biomes we have on Earth. Maximize your KNW payout by playing this grand KnowledgeClash with the opportunity to win 46 KNW!

Environmental Biomes KnowledgeClash Nov. 5th- Nov. 7th: Wet, Cold, Green and Dry.

Get prepared to show what you know about biomes in TriviaSpar’s KnowledgeClash. Rounds will consist of environmental biome trivia about specific types, regions, and more! Take the opportunity to show what you know about tundra, forest, grassland, desert, and aquatic biomes. So, find all the information you can before the tournament and win some KNW. There is a lot to know about these wonderful types of places, and the grassland round will have the biggest KNW payout. Be challenged and have fun with this 5-round KnowledgeClash! Good luck!

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