KnowledgeClash: Halloween Edition

KnowledgeClash: Halloween Edition

Live in TriviaSpar is a 3-round Halloween Edition KnowledgeClash! Trivia rounds will include questions about historical Halloween, Halloween pop-culture, and more! Look out for future holiday inspired Clashes like Veterans Day or Thanksgiving and mark them on your calendars to win KNW!

Halloween Week KnowledgeClash Oct 30th- Nov 1st: Witches, Mummies, and Zombie! Play if you dare.

Get prepared to show what you know about Halloween in TriviaSpar’s spooky KnowledgeClash. Rounds will consist of Halloween trivia in the present day, Halloween’s history, Halloween costumes, and more! Take the opportunity to show what you know about Halloween but make sure you really show your stuff for the history round, which will be as fun as it will be challenging! Out of the three Clashes the biggest KNW payout is for the history round. So, do you have the knowledge and speed it takes to win each individual round, or even the whole tournament?

What is a KnowledgeClash?

A KnowledgeClash gives users the opportunity to prove how much they know about a particular topic while winning cryptocurrency for their engagement.

KnowledgeClashes are tournaments set up in TriviaSpar that have at least 3 rounds of questions all related to one main topic. Topics are created with a theme which sometimes includes holidays and other recognizable subjects.

Each round in a KnowledgeClash incrementally increases in KNW payout. Users have the opportunity to win each individual round and the whole KnowledgeClash. Do you have what it takes to win the whole Clash? Make sure you keep playing because after you win or lose a Clash soon there will be a new one live because a new tournament is up every 72 hours. Keep up to date on where your score is compared to other players by clicking on the Clash after you have played it and view the leaderboard. If you are on the top of the leaderboard at the end of the KnowledgeClash you will win KNW tokens for each individual round you won and possibly the whole tournament. If you aren’t the top leader you still win .1 KNW for every clash round played and .1 KNW for the whole tournament. By playing you always benefit by not only winning some KNW but also by learning something new.

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